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A comedy for anyone
who has ever wanted to fight the system
Blue Sergeonfish
and win
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Victoria Jackson
The Incorrect Man!

A movie so outrageously funny and politically incorrect…it just might save Western Civilization!

The original feature film project, THE INCORRECT MAN, is a comedic look at a world overrun with political correctness and out of control bureaucracy, where one man makes a stand – and gets hammered.

Inspired by a series of short stories written by Judith Weizner (check out her stories on our home page) The Incorrect Man tells the story of an ordinary American family man who makes one innocent but politically incorrect mistake that ends up just about destroying his life. In no time he’s vilified by the media, he’s got hundreds of protestors outside his house, his business is ruined and he’s being sued by his own dog.

With ripped from the headlines audience appeal, The Incorrect Man satirizes political correctness with a unique winning story that is laugh-out-loud funny, insightful, and provocative.

The Incorrect Man was inspired by the writings of humorist Judith Weizner. Below are several of her short stories. Enjoy!

Chess Rules Changed

In a startling press conference this morning, Regina Piscopo, the new president of the Confederation Internationale des Echecs, announced the first modifications of the rules of chess since the fourteenth century. Read more...

Environmental Criminal to be Released From Prison

John Wood, convicted five years ago of a series of environmental crimes, will leave prison for a half-way house tomorrow.

Mr. Wood lost his bid to stay out of jail when he failed to comply with a court order to repair environmental damage done on property formerly owned by his wife and himself. Read more...

Homeless Man to Get Honorary Law Degree

Dr. Maximilian Shellout, the dean of Dartvard Law School, announced yesterday that Dartvard would grant an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to Lucien Sacrevache, a 43 year old homeless undocumented alien, who has exhibited a remarkably broad knowledge of law. Read more...